Our Approach

Language development

We take a very professional approach to your English language training needs and pride ourselves on a relaxed, flexible and informal coaching method that allows you to successfully use the language skills you already have.

We have developed a coaching method where we concentrate on you as a ‘whole person’ and not just on the language. Many people have been learning English, or other languages for years, but may have developed anxiety around speaking in that language or have a view of themselves as a poor speaker.

At LDP we focus on lifting that anxiety and other emotional blocks that will allow you to communicate at your full potential, given the language skills you have. Try this Assessing level of anxiety’ mini quiz and see if  or where you  may have some degree of anxiety around using English.

Other obstacles to communicating effectively are understanding how you deliver a talk and its effect on your audience, as well as being sensitive to inter-cultural differences when working in diverse teams. Try our ‘Giving a Talk’ and our ‘Diversity in Teamwork’ quizzes to see how you deal with these issues.

Since our programmes are short, we focus on working with you to identify the language skills you already have and how to move on forward from there. Try our ‘Making Positive Changes’ mini quiz to get a feel for this. We work with individuals and organisations.

Our approach to consultancy and document writing/editing

We work alongside you in developing wider language projects that can include a:

  • higher education audit with programmes for staff language or teaching skills’ development. We also provide support for you when writing and editing key documents for international projects
  • company audit to assess your English language needs and provide a document writing and editing service
  • document editing service that operates as a critical friend and includes an evaluation of what a typical reader would experience when reading your work

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