personal developmentCoaching, whether in a private or a professional sphere, is predominantly about CHANGE and how you go about making that change in your life. For example, you may be deciding if you should change careers, what you should do now you are out of work, why you can’t make the changes you know you want to make and why you go ‘round and round’ and get exhausted because you can’t commit to a decision. Coaching helps you to become aware of what you really want and what could be preventing you from getting there. Coaching is also about STEPPING UP to the next challenge, for example, you may have an interview for a job but feel your interviewing and/or presentation skills could be better, you may have accepted a new job and you need to change how you manage teams, or you may be a non-native speaker of English, and to get that next job or promotion you need to improve specific areas of your business English, you may be an international academic who wants to step up how you lecture. Coaching helps you work with your existing strengths, uncover how you use these strengths now, identify new skills that you may need and how to plan for this.

Coaching helps you recognise those beliefs that can limit your full potential.

Through careful questioning, your coach will encourage you to look closely at the issue you have brought to the session. This will increase your self-awareness and enable you to see patterns of behaviour and possibly why the change you want has not happened yet. During a typical coaching session the coach will aim to work with your potential, which may be something you have not yet spotted in yourself at all. A good coach will develop your thinking and help you reflect on how you can make the changes you want. He or she will not impose solutions but enable you to make the changes you need.

A personal coaching day provides a kick-start for something you want to deal with. Think of it as a personal development spa day. During this day you give full attention to the issue that has been bothering you. Your coach is there to support this process and help you understand yourself a little better in order to kick-start that change process.

If you are interested in trying a ‘one day coaching spa’ then the LDP offers this. If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact us and ask about our ‘personal coaching day’: phone +44(0)1962 820061 or email .

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