Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

The Language Development Partnership (LDP) is committed to providing an ethical service that encompasses:

Our business

  1. We ensure that clients are fully informed of the coaching and consultancy contract, terms and conditions, prior to and/or at the initial session. These matters include confidentiality, hourly costs, the number of sessions and the desired outcomes.
  2. We respond to our client’s requests for information about the methods and techniques used.
  3. We will maintain appropriate records of our work with you. We shall endeavour to keep our records accurate and take all reasonable security precautions against any third party disclosure. Your records will not knowingly be disclosed to a third party. All personal data received from you will fall under the UK’s 1998 Data Protection Act. See our Privacy Policy.
  4. At all times we will endeavour to rectify any issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with our services. Action will be taken to improve the situation. Either party is free to suspend or terminate the programme should an irretrievable breakdown occur. Payment for any preparatory documents and tutored sessions will be taken for the work up to the point of ‘breakdown’. LDP has no liability for any other costs incurred by the client.

Our credentials

We are qualified practitioners with relevant awards from UK universities.

The client

  1. We expect the client to be open and honest with the coach in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the programme.
  2. We respect the client’s right to modify the outcomes of the programme once coaching has started. Certain aspects of a client’s skill base only become evident once the programme has begun.
  3. We respect the client’s right to terminate coaching at any point should the client feel the sessions are not fulfilling the role expected.

The coach/consultant – client relationship

  1. We seek to avoid conflicts of interest and work in a sensitive way to issues of culture, gender, religion and race.
  2. We shall consider the impact any joint relationship may have between client and the sponsoring company and clarify, in advance, any information shared, if at all, between both parties.
  3. All our work is confidential to the client.
  4. We shall monitor the quality of our service through your feedback.
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