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As an international business you will be aware that good communication skills in English are key to a successful communications strategy.

Through our consultancy and coaching services, and through management training in the English language, we help you realise certain aspects of your communications strategy. This is important when working in a foreign language where cultural differences are important.

Do your:

  • Emails to clients or partners communicate clearly and with the correct tone?  Is the level of language correct?
  • Presentations at meetings, conferences and to clients/partners indicate a clear and professional approach? Are you able to change your delivery and use of language for different audiences?

  • Reports and written documents target your audience? Are your objectives clearly written and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). Is your approach or method clear and have you summarised accurately?
  • Meetings run effectively and are you able to clearly state your views and agree a set of actions

We offer:

  • a consultancy service as part of your communications strategy looking at the different roles in your organisation that use English and putting a package in place for improvements as identified.
  • short one-to-one or small group (maximum 3) English coaching in identified areas of your communications strategy. Teaching takes place in Winchester, England. If you want teaching at your premises then please contact us.


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