The Language Development Partnership works within a coaching framework that stimulates challenges and supports your learning in a relaxed atmosphere. You will develop a self-awareness and confidence in English that will become an authentic part of you.

The coaching element of our language training works on your CONFIDENCE in the language and eliminates or diminishes those barriers that prevent you performing to the best of your ability.

Confidence Diagram

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You may have to:

  • prepare for an important event
  • deal with difficult clients or colleagues
  • manage complex meetings
  • write a report or paper

All these activities can be difficult enough in your own language but you will be doing this in English with the added effort of working in another language. The speciality of The Language Development Partnership is to use performance and personal coaching techniques alongside English language training. We work in partnership with you through mutual trust and within an agreed set of concrete and attainable goals.

Prior to the programme, we will discuss your needs and develop a 20 hour programme (approximately 4 hours per day) with clearly identified outcomes.  The remainder of the time is for private study resulting from the formal sessions or leisure activities.  Your private study can be at our premises or your own accommodation.  Leisure activities are a very important part of the learning process as this ‘down time’ allows you to process the work you have been doing in the formal sessions.

All coaching meetings are held at our premises in Winchester, England.


Mentoring is a partnership between, usually an older colleague or student (mentor) and a younger member (mentee). It is a mutual relationship where the mentor listens objectively, yet sympathetically, to the mentee in order to help them improve awareness of their behaviour and the way their organisation operates. The mentor will encourage the mentee to take personal responsibility, drive their own career and believe in themselves, while working sensitively within the organisation.

We develop mentoring schemes and training for staff and students in a higher education setting.

Coaching – where we start

We operate a three stage approach to your visit with us:

Preparatory Stage

(Report fee, if appropriate)

  1. We carry out a needs analysis of your requirements.  This can be via a questionnaire, a Skype interview, the telephone or for a larger project a visit to your premises.
  2. An initial report indicating the programme that could be set up with your identified outcomes.

- You can decide at this stage to take the report and find your own language trainers if you wish, or progress with us.
- For one to one coaching the programme could change once the client is here and other needs become apparent.
- If you know exactly what you want from the coaching then a preparatory report will not be necessary.

The Programme

(Coaching fee)

  1. The standard is a 20 hour programme of 4 coaching hours/ day (negotiable).
  2. During the first session the coach and client will spend time getting to know each other and clarify the outcomes for the programme.
  3. A typical programme will take into account the client’s strengths in the language, work with errors, use coaching and NLP techniques to overcome blocks to communicating successfully in English and put it all together in an ‘event’ that the client has identified.
  4. Final report (if needed)

Extra-Curricular Programme

(Fee as appropriate)

  1. Arrangements can be made, as you wish for activities that are available locally.  We have a sample of activities on our website, but if you would prefer another activity our delegate service will endeavour to find what you want.
  2. Professional visits and contacts (50 minute train journey to London – Waterloo).
  3. Social English.

Accommodation in the Winchester area can be found here.  For a small fee lunch can be provided with us if you wish, but notice must be given.


For more information please contact us.

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