Our consultancy services address wider communication issues within your organisation. This could involve:

For Business

  • Assessing the English language needs of your organisation and developing a strategy for improvement. You will be given a report on how to take this forward . You can then use that report to work with us further or employ your own language trainers.

For Academia

  • Determining a way forward with academic staff on educational issues such as: lecturing in English and holding seminars for non-native speakers of English in order to provide an excellent international service to all your students.
  • Exploring the use of coaching techniques directly with students.
  • Working with academics in developing their coaching skills as supervisors. All too often academic staff simply use the model of their own supervisor (good or bad) which may have worked in the past. With rising student fees, there will be increasing expectations on the value of the input from supervisors. A training programme in coaching skills can be one way of fulfilling this.

Consultancy – where we start

Preparatory Stage
(an initial report fee will apply)

  1. After initial discussions with you, we establish the scope of the consultancy and determine if we are able to fulfil your needs. Please note: we will honestly assess your needs and there will be no charge if we feel we cannot help.
  2. We establish the current situation with regard to the issue identified and determine how we take this forward.
  3. An initial report indicating the kind of programme that will be set up and the desired outcomes.  Please note: for one to one coaching the programme could change once the client is here and other needs become apparent.

The Programme
(a coaching fee will apply)

  1. The standard is a 20 hour programme of 4 coaching hours/ day.
  2. During the first session the coach and client will spend time getting to know each other and clarify the outcomes for the programme.
  3. A typical programme will take into account the client’s strengths in the language, work with errors, use coaching and NLP techniques to overcome blocks to communicating successfully in English and put it all together in an ‘event’ that the client has identified.
  4. Final report (if needed)


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