Higher Education

Higher educationUniversities around the World have developed international strategies to enhance the student experience, to encourage knowledge transfer, to support staff working in a multicultural environment, to engage with alumni, and to develop partnerships with universities in different countries.

Through our consultancy and coaching services, we help you realise certain aspects of your communications policy.

  • Are your documents in English clear and concise?
  • Do you support your academics working with a culturally and linguistically diverse cohort of students?
  • Do your academics deal effectively with the diverse learning expectations of different cultures, and have they developed a coherent learning and teaching approach to their own teaching within your organisation?

We offer

  • A consultancy service as part of your internationalisation strategy and putting a package in place for improvements as identified.
  • An individual coaching service for UK and international universities with respect to supporting international lecturers’ lecture and supervise in English.
  • A consultancy service for international universities with respect to the implementation of programmes in English.
  • Individual English language coaching for international lecturers in Winchester, UK. If you want teaching at your premises then please contact us.
  • Staff development in the use of coaching for student supervision.
  • Post graduate training in mentoring undergraduates.


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